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August 21, 2009
  Well, I never thought that Nude Calendar Model would be something I could add to my resume. “Nude Rodeo Clown”, “Nude Break Dancing Instructor”, “Nude Chainsaw Juggler”, “Nude Concert Pianist” “possibly”, but “Nude Calendar Model” had never crossed my train of thought. This all changed several months ago. As a Director of the Napa County Farm Bureau, I was “propositioned” about the prospect of my participation in a fundraiser calendar featuring Farm Bureau Directors and general members sans clothing, engaged in a daily work related tasks. I wasn’t raised to possess an overwhelming sense of modesty, but the idea of posing nude for a calendar took me awhile to come around to. Ultimately, my decision came to my passion for the the cause I would be supporting.

Napa Uncovered 2010

Napa Uncovered 2010

Farm Bureau is an independent, non-partisan advocacy group composed of farmers and governed by farmers for the purpose of protecting agriculture. In an age when urbanization threatens valuable farmland and the future of agriculture, the voices of the individual Farm Bureau programs that blanket our nation are more important than ever. Please click the following link to more about Farm Bureau and the causes we embrace locally: My dedication to Farm Bureau extends beyond my role as a Director, I am also co-chairman of the Agriculture In The Classroom Committee and the chairman of the Napa County Young Farmers and Ranchers.

The photo below features me engaged in my annual practice of digging up our Biodynamic Preparation #501 (Horn Silica).This photo received some creative editing that isn’t present in the calendar. I’m actually holding a shovel and the placement of the shovel prevents the photo from being pornographic. If you do choose to purchase a calendar my unedited (but non-pornographic) photo will keep you company during the entire month of April.


To purchase calendars, just click on my photo. I must warn you that if you do purchase a calendar it will be wise not to hang it in an area that receives direct sunlight. I’ve received reports that when exposed to direct sunlight, the reflection off my stark white torso may cause a short term loss of vision. If direct sunlight in unavoidable I suggest that you wear polarized eyewear or draw clothes on me. Thanks for your support!
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  1. August 24, 2009 6:29 pm

    this is amazing – I can’t wait to get my copy! It’ll be April in this office all year long!

    I also love how wordpress is suggesting the following “Possibly related posts” at the end of yours:

    – Erotic Farm Calendar, too Big for Switzerland
    – There’s Always A Market For Post-Modernistic Depravity

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