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Beginning of a New Year

August 27, 2009

As a kid growing up I always felt that how we date the year was wrong.  We have New Year’s day starting in January; but everything else seemed to start or end in September.  School begins again, while vacations come to an end.  Football season lumbers forward and Baseball season winds down.  Summer nights start to get cold and the geese start heading south. 

 Now that I’m technically an adult; I still feel the same way.  Even more so as my work-life resolves around grapes now.  The beginning of harvest is really the start of a brand new year for us at the winery as all the work and potential in the vineyard culminates with the mad dash to get the grapes in at their peak.  And while it doesn’t have the regularity of a December 31 to January 1 changeover,  in my bones it definitely feels like a brand new start to a brand new year.

This year we’re starting things up a little slower, but with the weekend heat I’m sure things will start to roll in soon…


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  1. May 11, 2010 4:52 pm

    Brian – While I do not recall verbalizing my personal view of what constitutes a “new year” with you, I share your perception and belief that the new year begins in September. In our family County Fair season was over – sheep were back out in the field, cows and calves returned to the neighbor’s dairy, new school clothes, shoes, books and a new beginning as you and your siblings advanced through elementary school, high school and then off to college.

    So, Brian along with your Italian heritage which definately came from me, maybe you inherited your view of New Year’s from Mom also.

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