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spring lamb

April 20, 2010

The earth is breathing again after the wet winter we’ve had, and critters around the farm have been basking in the windows of brilliant sun between the storms.  Yesterday we welcomed three new babies to the winery when Brian and his dad swept up the tired old ewes and delivered lambs to their new home at De Loach!  I wish I’d had the video rolling when Brian wrestled those big mamas onto the truck – their wool was so thick and filthy and I was sure one would take him down or deliver him a smart kick!  (Unfortunately, we were horrified when he wore the same sheep-scuffed jeans into our office today…!)  The little lambs bleated worriedly as the lady sheep, crammed in the back of the truck, were driven back to the Maloney ranch.  They’re still exploring their new terrain in a tight pack, suspiciously eyeing the herd of chickens, but I think they’ll be quite happy here, nestled between the vineyards, the garden and the guesthouse croquet lawn… just as long as a certain company executive doesn’t get any fresh ideas for their little racks or chops…

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