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Working hard or hardly working?

May 28, 2010

I am the first to admit that working in the wine country has a few great perks.  World class scenery all around us,  great food, fantastic outdoor activities and of course, the vino.  Some of my city friends think all we do is eat organic delicacies, hike sweeping vistas and sample the best in California wine.  If you spend more than a few hours at De Loach, you realize this is hard work!!

For example, our monthly grower dinner was held yesterday evening.  There are no magic elves to set up our guest house great room for events like this.

The Great Room is ready for it's close up!!

This is done by everyone in the winery in a flurry of furniture moving, table set up and chair placement.  Then after the event, move everything back.  A little like roadies for the concert, they are the first to come, and the last to leave.

Or maybe you want to spend 8 hours on a bottling line?

Bottling manager Cecil Bowlin tackling the 10,000 moving parts of the bottling line.

Hoisting cases of wine, packing bottles, and keeping a close eye on all the moving parts is a tough job.   The morning and afternoon breaks and lunch time are well deserved.

How about working on the wines? Our crew is skilled and takes pride in the handcrafted wines we produce.  Gently topping barrels, blending tanks, and the constant cleaning of every square inch of space are just part of what a typical day in the life of a winery crew is about.

Or you may be part of our sales team.  Phone calls, emails, faxes and all of the normal filing you would expect from any business.  Except downstairs from this bee hive of activity, happy visitors are enjoying themselves, our wines, our beautiful grounds oblivious to the folks working hard in our offices.  We know how good are wines are, but you have to knock on a lot of doors to let everyone else know.

I think you get the idea.  My job is somewhere in the middle of all of this.  A little bit of hospitality, a little wine making, LOTS of phone calls, and a million details to try to cover from grapes to glass.  We like to think of it as controlled chaos.  I try to keep the griping to a minimum, because when all is said and done, this is a pretty sweet place to work.

Not your typical conference room!!

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